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The beginning
Initially BWS was a group of friends who shared common interests (driving, racing and open roads), we admittedly found that booking experiences as a group and bringing more friends and enthusiasts in on the deal made the overall cost of booking the packages far better value.
As time progressed, naturally word spread and more people started attending our variety of events and embarking on our organised trips - BWS was born.
We now organise and run several excursions each year to a variation of destinations in the UK and around Europe.
We pride ourselves on providing the best value for money events, whilst maintaining that luxurious holiday feel and exciting event atmosphere for motor enthusiasts with a friendly and welcoming vibe, unbeatable organisation and value for money... That's why we make no profit from any of our trips, to ensure that our customers get the best deal, period.

BWS Motorsport organise a multitude of different events each year.
We also have a store to support the brand, with a variation of clothing, vehicle accessories and other soft goods/apparel.
BWS has an ever growing list of sponsored clubs and fellow endorsing brands; not to mention our hard working team of nationwide brand representatives who give BWS the momentum it needs everyday to keep growing!
We are regularly attending nationwide club meets, track days and shows to pass time between our own events and promote the brand further on a daily basis.

The future
Who knows what the future holds for Black Wolf Syndicate, hopefully bigger and better events, a greater selection of apparel and other goodies in our store and a never ending reel of good times!
All orders processed with cleared payment after 0800h on a Saturday will be packed, held and then shipped the following Saturday morning.
All postal services are 'secure and signed for' provided by Royal Mail. The service is approximately 3 working days after shipping. Please note this service is secure and signed for, not tracked.
28 day returns policy on faulty items only (excludes vinyl and decal items)
14 day like for like exchange policy (buyer pays for additional postage costs)

Social media

Facebook: @blackwolfsyndicate

Instagram: @blackwolfsyndicate

Twitter: @BlackWolfSynd

TikTok: @TheBlackWolfSyndicate

Although we hope to expand and grow as a business, we shall always pride ourselves on great quality products, reasonable pricing, but above all excellent customer service and buying experience.

We also care about the sourcing of our products and we try to use the most environmentally friendly materials and manufacturer/printers available to ensure a fair trade for our suppliers and the well-being of our environment.

Thanks for reading...
If you have any further questions or inquiries please don't hesitate to send us a message or email at info@blackwolfsyndicate.com - we love to hear from our pack!
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