Meet the Pack. 

Here you can meet the growing team of administrators, brand representatives, apparel models, official photographers and creative designers!
You can follow our team via their social media links in order to see what we've got in our garages, and see what we're up too. 
Creator & Founder
Cain Elliott - South East
Registered Photographers
Shanna Wilkins
Head Brand Representatives
Shanna Wilkins - North
Luke Smith - Midlands
Chris Taylor - London
Kirk McBeth - Wales
Simon Montgomery - N' Ireland
Apparel Models
Madison Addley 
Grace Kirkham 
Brand Representatives
Obed Cooper 
Joel Gale
Jarvis Wright
Chloe Gladwin 
Joe Moran
Johnathon Drake
Ben Wilson
Ruud van Kemenade
Jordan Skinner
Luke Hockedy
Joe Marchant
Ben Baker
Alex Watson

If you're interested in becoming a BWS Administrator, Representative or Photographer, get in touch and send an email to
Please include your County / City, Instagram Handle, Facebook Name and a brief description of why you'd make a great addition to our team!
We look forward to hearing from you!