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The Team

Here you can meet the team that helps make BWS what it is today!
Every person on here helps in one way or another to keep BWS a success and the wheels on this motor turning - and for that, we are eternally grateful!
You can check them out here, their project vehicles and even follow them on Instagram by clicking on their usernames!

Brand Representatives

Anthony Elson - South East
Instagram: @ANT_SRT8

Mike Aston - South East
Instagram: @BWS_V_M11KEE

Adam Jefferson - South East
Instagram: @adam_bws_c30

Adam Davidge - London
Instagram: @the_flying_hair

Jarvis Wright - East
Instagram: @Jarv_blackwolf

Chloe Gladwin - East
Instagram: @chlobo_gladwin

Patrick Meeks - London
Instagram: @PatMeeks

Danny Monaghan - London
Instagram: @dans_6j_ibiza

Rob Thornback - London
Instagram: @Robothornback

Rhys Masterson - London
Instagram: @rhysmastersonbmx

Daniel Hays - Midlands
Instagram: @dantiago.

Kayleigh Pawson - Midlands
Liam Kerrgray - Midlands
Instagram: @Liamkerrgray

Amy Measures - Midlands
Instagram: @amy_measures

Becca Claire - Midlands
Instagram: @beccaclaire_x

Steven Sims - West
Instagram: @stevensims_

Katie Horswell - South West
Instagram: @katiehorswell

Ben Johnson - South West
Instagram: @stbenji
Brett Lewis - South West
Instagram: @brettST3
Head Administrators

Cain Elliott - Creator and Founder
Instagram: @X13BWS
Sam Maddison - Head of Photography Administrator
Instagram: @BWS_M9SUH

Holly Brookes - Head of Marketing Administrator
Instagram: @HOLLYA3

Grace Kirkham - Head of Staffing Administrator
Instagram: @GraceeyK

Head Brand Representatives

Luke Smith - Midlands
Instagram: @LMS_1M

Liam Carswell - South West
Instagram: @L.carswell

Louise Bowden - South East

Chris Taylor - London
Instagram: @BWS_staticshed

Kirk McBeth - Wales
Instagram: @KirkMcBeth

Simon Montgomery - Northern Ireland
Instagram: @m0nty1993

Registered Photographers

JS Photography - South West
Instagram: @

S&A Photography - South West
Instagram: @

Joel Gale - East
Instagram: @joel_teamwaffle
Katt Jarvis: East
Instagram: @kattjarvis
If you're interested in becoming a BWS Representative or Photographer, get in touch and send an email to
Please include your County / City, Instagram Handle, Facebook Name and a brief description of why you'd make a great addition to our team!
We look forward to hearing from you!