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BWS x Wörthersee 2018
BWS x Wörthersee 2018
BWS x Wörthersee 2018
BWS x Wörthersee 2018
BWS x Wörthersee 2018
BWS x Wörthersee 2018
BWS x Wörthersee 2018
BWS x Wörthersee 2018

BWS x Wörthersee 2018

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BWS x Wörthersee 2018 is a week long tour to one of the worlds greatest gathering of cars in (you guessed it) Wörthersee, Austria.Including an overnight stay at the Nurburgring and Spa race circuits, the tour will take you through the best roads mainland Europe has to offer and once you've had enough of driving, the accommodation boasts breath taking lakeside views, just minutes away from the main show and surrounded by other fun activities such as water sports, night life and various other hot spots!

"The annual Wörthersee Treffen is a car event like no other. What started 35 years ago at a small gathering of VW Golf GTIs at an Austrian hotel has grown into a week-long event that encompasses cars old and new from across Europe, with over 100,000 visitors regularly attending each year! The official, VW-backed part of the festival is a small fan of cars on the lawn at the picturesque shore of Lake Wörthersee. But that’s the mere tip of a large, erratic iceberg: streams of different makes and models – in various states of tune, and accommodating all points on the crap to classy spectrum – fill the surrounding streets and fields, raucous exhaust systems only drowned out by ludicrously loud stereo setups."


The ticket price includes;
  • All accommodation (RRP: £646.00) 
  • Return ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, VIP lounge (RRP: £138.00) 
  • A professional photo shoot of your car (RRP: £50.00) 
  • European breakdown cover (RRP: £20.00) 
  • A Players detailing kit (RRP: £55.00) 
  • A BWS x Wörthersee t-shirt & decal (RRP: £23.50)
 What you will need;
  • Food - the Kent and Nurburgring accommodation will have breakfast, however the Villa in Wörthersee is self catering. So bring money for either food out, or shopping for cooking in.
  • Fuel - it sounds obvious to some, but remember to budget for fuel, there is lots of mileage to cover, so depending on the economy of your vehicle remember to budget accordingly.
  • Road tolls - the route has been planned to include the best driving experience possible, unfortunately this does mean that there are some tolls included on the route.
  • SatNav or mobile map app - we will all be in contact during the drive down and most likely stick together, but chances are someone, somewhere along the trip will get lost, so remember to bring satnav.
  • Insurance - remember to check that your insurance is valid for European driving.
  • Passports - no we're not joking.
  • Spending dollar - stating the obvious, if you want to go round the Nurburgring or Spa, or spend a few euros on some Krügerl (Austrian beer) and bring back a key chain or two, remember to budget for this.
Friday 4th May - Kent rendezvous
Saturday 5th May - Ferry to Dunkirk and travel onward to Nurburgring
Sunday 6th May - Travel from Nurburgring to Wörthersee
Monday 7th May > Thursday 10th May  - Explore the world of Wöthersee
Friday 11th May - Travel from Wörthersee to Spa
Saturday 12th May - Travel from Spa to Dunkirk and ferry to Kent.

More information to come.
Only 24 vehicle spaces available on a first come first serve basis.
Make sure you're following the official Facebook event for more updates HERE!