Black Wolf Syndicate & Shield Logo Cut-Away Sun Strip (20+ colour options)
Black Wolf Syndicate & Shield Logo Cut-Away Sun Strip (20+ colour options)

Black Wolf Syndicate & Shield Logo Cut-Away Sun Strip (20+ colour options)

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This is our Black Wolf Syndicate with Shield Logo cut-away sun strip that has a unique CUT OUT logo design to give a bit of twist on an all time favourite. It's ideal for the front windscreen exterior but is also suitable over paintwork, body panels or where ever else you can think of to get creative. 
The vinyl reads: ' Black Wolf Syndicate ' with our signature shield logo in the centre and has no material where these words or logo are, only the sun strip itself. The words & logo are CUT OUT OF THE SUN STRIP meaning they will be completely see through showing the glass beneath. Made from high quality, digitally machine cut, self adhesive vinyl and when applied properly will last for a long time.
This vinyl design is available in one size and a selection of colours for you to choose from:
  • red
  • orange
  • magenta
  • baby pink
  • purple
  • yellow
  • dark green
  • mid green
  • lime green
  • light blue
  • medium blue
  • dark blue
  • dark grey
  • light grey
  • White
  • gold
  • silver
  • gunmetal grey
  • gloss black
  • matte black
  • holographic CD (extra cost)
  • fluorescent yellow (extra cost)


Sun strip overall size:
W: 1450 mm x  H: 300 mm 
Cut out logo size:
W: 600 mm x H: 160 mm
***Sizes are not exact & are approximate to the nearest few millimetres. ***

As with all of our sun strips, this vinyl comes in one size and will have to be cut down round the edges to fit your own windscreen when applied. The bottom edge stays flat and in tact to give that crisp finish, then the two sides & top edge will simply need a little trimming with a sharp blade to suit your vehicle, once fitted. Please check and confirm fitment with the measurements provided before purchase!


Please be sure to clean the surface thoroughly before fitting any decals or vinyls and remember to remove any residue left over from the cleaning products.

If you are applying this yourself please make sure the surface you are placing it on is free from any grease, dirt, grit, water or residue, and that the surface is cool. Avoid fitting decals or vinyls to a hot surface. Make sure to do your best in not allowing any air bubbles to form under the vinyl when applying and remove them as you go if they do occur. The adhesive will take approximately 24 hours to cure, so to allow it to set effectively and give long lasting results, avoid any contact or movement from windscreen wipers or similar during this period.

Vinyl application guides are available all over YouTube for free, with more detailed instructions to assist you in getting the best results.